New IBM Redbook Drafts

by Volker Weber

Lotus Security Handbook

This redbook provides best practices and guidance towards building a secure "collaboration" infrastructure utilizing IBM Lotus technologies. It is actually the third Lotus Security? oriented Redbook to be published. However, unlike the previous two Redbooks in this series, The Domino Defense: Security in Lotus Notes 4.5 and the Internet? (SG24-4848) and Lotus Notes and Domino R5.0 Security Infrastructure Revealed (SG24-5341), this third book focuses not just on Notes/Domino - but on all IBM Lotus collaborative products, as well as general security best practices for any infrastructure. This book should be considered essential reading for anyone responsible for Lotus technology based applications, systems, and infrastructures.

IBM WebSphere Portal for Multiplatforms V5 Handbook

This Redbook positions the IBM WebSphere Portal for Multiplatforms as the solution that best address building scalable and reliable business-to-employee (B2E), business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) portals. The IBM WebSphere Portal for Multiplatforms V5 Handbook will help you to understand the WebSphere Portal architecture; how to install, tailor and configure WebSphere Portal; and how to administer and customize portal pages using WebSphere Portal.

Portal Application Design and Development Guidelines

This Redpaper is a compilation of various IBM publications combined with the authors experience with large Portal implementations. The intention is to give you an comprehensive overview of Portal design/development concepts and coding guidelines that will ensure successful implementations. We also included a performance section to help you avoid common performance pitfalls. Our experience is, that performance and scalability aspects are often underestimated, when starting Portal development projects. Following a few easy guidelines and a good understanding of basic Portlet concepts will help you to be more productive, right from the start of your Portal development project.

Architecting Portal Solutions

This IBM Redbook is focused on architecting and building WebSphere Portal Server-based Dynamic Workplaces. It addresses the needs of SWG Architects, Business Partners, and customers for building skills in architecting solutions by identifying themes that can be applied across multiple SWG Industry Solutions. This includes using e-business infrastructure solutions maps that apply across multiple industries: for example, the On Demand Workplace solution, the e-business integration stack from SWG that provides capabilities for integrating the enterprise based on both business and technology drivers, and the IBM Patterns for e-business from SWG that provide the basis for understanding the best practices for supporting e-business integration.

Domino Web Access 6.5 on Linux

This Redbook provides a detailed technical overview of Domino Web Access 6.5, while also discussing how to install, configure and deploy an end-to-end Linux solution for Domino. In addition to setting up DWA 6.5, it also discuss how to integrate Lotus Sametime for real-time collaboration and awareness. Finally, we discuss key deployment considerations, integration points between Domino Web Access and IBM WebSphere Portal, as well as some possible approaches and techniques to customizing Domino Web Access 6.5


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