Fasten your seat belts before proceeding

by Volker Weber

An amateur video (104 MB .wmv) of a Porsche chasing the Ring Taxi, a 400 hp BMW M5 sedan with three passengers and a professional driver, around Nürburgring, the acclaimed most demanding race track ever, as well as a professional video (66 MB .mpeg) of rallye champion Ari Vatanen storming up Pikes Peak in a Peugeot 405 T16. Yes, there are motorcycles, much slower cars as well as a motorcoach circling Nürburgring. :-)


Is this first link an instructional video? I knew the license requirements were steep over there, but I had no idea.

Jerry Carter, 2003-12-31

Great videos providing a good start to the day ;-)...

Thomas Lang, 2004-01-02

excellent video of Colorado, remindes me to go back to Provence Alpes to to a trip over the passes there with a 911.

Volker Kächele, 2004-01-03

Jepp, that`s the way to drive a car.Espacially Aris performance is what i like ....

Hans - Werner Mattis, 2004-01-05

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