Uploaded several hundred photos to vowe galleries

by Volker Weber


The mother of all updates happened on my Gallery site today. Amongst them some mugshots taken with a webcam. You may have seen this partilcular picture before. Yes, it was really taken with a webcam, the wonderful 3Com HomeConnect that Henri once gave me. There is no decent driver for Mac OS X (forget macam), otherwise it would even outrun the iSight.

I hope Stephan Perthes will be delighted to see that the pictures of the 2001 Nibelungenfahrt are back online.


Quick question on your galleries. I see that Gallery creates thumbnails, and then a small and large version of your pictures. Do you have to create that small and large version yourself, or does Gallery do it for you?

Also, what initial resolution are you uploading at. I'm currently taking all of my pics at a 6.3 MP rez at around 3MB a piece. I'm just wondering if Gallery would take those and make them all web friendly and smaller automatically, or if I would have to batch size them all down to something like 800x600 first.

Thanks for pointing me to Gallery, and your pictures are pretty cool!

Take Care,

Greyhawk68, 2004-01-08

Gallery does all of that for you. It even auto-rotates the images that contain an orientation. However: You waste a lot of bandwidth on the upstream if you send 3 meg what will be a 150 k image.

Volker Weber, 2004-01-08

True. I might want to batch file everything before I go this route, or I may just stick with clubphoto.com which is an outside service.

I upload all the files (3MB and all) and it creates the albums and thumbs AND it keeps a full version of the file. So it's nice for backup purposes too in case I accidentally delete anything.

I'm still tempted to use Gallery though. Your albums made me really want that all hosted on my own site.

Thanks Volker!


Greyhawk68, 2004-01-08

I believe this is the same thing that Gallery does. I never thought about the large image. I assume it is the original. You can set the size of the smaller ones. There may even be an option to set a max size for the largest one. I am too lazy to check.

Volker Weber, 2004-01-08

Yes Volker: I AM very delighted to see your 2001 Nibelungenfahrt pics back on your gallery! I have just updated http://www.rtce.de/ (also http://www.nibelungenfahrt.de/). For all: have a look - you might at least admire those very nice oldtimer cars, beside the German text ...

Stephan Perthes, 2004-01-09

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