by Volker Weber

Feeling Mac-envy because of cool features in Mac OS? At least you can now buy a utility that brings Exposé to Windows. Months before Microsoft invents it. :-)

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caution! does not work in multi-monitor environments. I have a matrox card with two monitors attached, which displays one big screen. WinExpose does only work on the first half of the screen, that means on the first monitor.
Unfortunately I had to buy the product, there was no demo version :-(

On my notebook on the other hand it works fine and helps me survive until I buy an iBook :-)

Julian Buss, 2004-01-13

I was looking at the product's website the other day. It made me chuckle, because there is no acknowledgement anywhere on the site as to the software's inspiration, both in terms of name and functionality;-)

I believe the WinExposé operations are "hard-wired" to certain key combinations (I could be wrong, but the site doesn't make it clear), all of which require the "Start menu" key -- something not all PCs have.

Ben Poole, 2004-01-13

it is not hardwired, key combinations and mouse activation triggers are configurable.

In fact I have my whole windows machines tweaked so that they look like MacOS X (with tools like WindowBlinds, DesktopX...), but nothing is like the original :-)

Julian Buss, 2004-01-13

It stayed on my system for exactly 10 minutes - then it crashed and the PC froze so hard, I had to do the BRS routine... Not recommended

Jens-Christian Fischer, 2004-01-15

I checked and was noticed that they changed product name to WinPlosion and domain to

Memer, 2004-02-06

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