Tremors in Redmond

by Volker Weber

Groove Network's Mike Helfrich comments:

The laundromats in Redmond must be spinning tonight. Lots of "softies" are washing their boxer shorts after IBM's announcement specific to Linux everywhere. Of course, Microsoft would tell you that they aren't, but IBM's announcement that they are moving to Linux on the desktop is BIGGGG news.

"Washing their boxers" — I almost spilled my drink. :-)


I hate to spoil the party, but ...

IBM spokeswoman Trink Guarino confirmed yesterday that the memo was legitimate but said it had been taken out of context. She said IBM has "no such plans" to shift to Linux-based PCs.

Guarino said Greenberg sent the memo to fewer than 14 people, and was merely trying to motivate his team to get aggressive about testing Linux-based applications that could prove useful for the company and its customers.

Stefan Tilkov, 2004-01-13

Yes, but there are also already confirmed plans for 30,000 IBMers using Linux desktops...
IBM currently has about 15,000 employees using Linux desktop computers, chiefly in its research and software-development divisions. In early 2004, the company expects to increase Linux desktop adoption among its sales and marketing staff, bringing total use to about 30,000 employees. (other stories can be found by googling "30,000 ibm linux desktop")

Ed Brill, 2004-01-13

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