Sorry, CafePress can't do it

by Volker Weber

Looks like can't do this:

Thank you for contacting!

Unfortunately at this time we do not have the capabilities to print on colored apparel. However, as this has been a popular request, we are currently looking into offering it in the near future. I would advise you to subscribe to our member newsletter, which contains all new product announcements each month. At this time the stores that contain black t-shirts are corporate clients, which provide their pre printed t-shirts to us as a fulfillment item to sell for them in addition to the products that we currently provide for them.

Sorry, guys, not for this LotusFear.


yeah, that is probably the biggest reason i haven't done a cafe press shirt of my own. i hate white t shirts! i might break down and do one anyway...

jonvon, 2004-01-15

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