by Volker Weber

Imagine an IT manager who cannot handle inhouse development of Notes applications. Imagine the same manager believing in IBM's spiel, that WebSphere Portal or Lotus Workplace will make his life so much easier, because it is all standards-based. Now imagine an IT manager who does not have the infrastructure in place, nor the administration, nor skilled Java developers. Imagine an IT manager who understands that he is not a developer but thinks he is a good development manager on a platform he understands only from IBM presentations. Imagine an IT manager who believes, after playing around with the portal administration interface, that he will be able to create his applications by pointing and clicking.

You have found an IT manager who will soon be redundant.


Volker, I'm really glad that you post stuff like this. I hope it makes people start thinking... I guess I doesn't...

Markus, 2004-01-15

Should I know such people? ..

Dirk Bartkowiak, 2004-01-15

full ACK.

Alex Wokurka, 2004-01-15

Crap. I know people like that. I've worked for people like that, though not directly, recently. :-(

Witheld to protect - me., 2004-01-15

Is that the IT Manager at IBM?

Also how can the IBM solution be open if it only runs on IBM servers?

Carl Tyler, 2004-01-16

It's true...i know it...i am an IBM employee... :-)

Christian, 2004-01-16

The post that distills my working life for the past three years. Uh oh. Not to focus on IBM specifically... you could replace the vendor with anything: MS, Sun, Vignette, ....


Oh No, 2004-01-16

Isn't it telling that with this particular post a lot of people, who write comments on a regular basis, prefer to stay anonymous with this particular post? Do you bosses read weblogs? :-)

Volker Weber, 2004-01-16

I am not sure if my bosses read weblogs. I assume not, from my point of view they are too conservative... ;-)

Christian, 2004-01-16

I don’t know. I’m pretty sure they don’t. But I’d prefer not to find out this way... To answer your question, yes, it is telling. The IT industry is all screwed up. As usual. And I love it :-)

Oh No, 2004-01-16

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