Eight days to the 20th anniverary

by Volker Weber

Saturday of next week marks the 20th anniverary of the Mac. I have no idea what Apple has up their sleeves but I would be very suprised if they let this day pass without anything special. What I do know is, I intend to be at an Apple store on the 24th.

What is your expectation? Will the 24th just pass by or what is it that Apple intends to do?


"Apple" is mentioned three times, one with a link to apple.com and "Mac" is mentioned once. Your Google Ad is showing "Rss News" and "What is Blogging?" It seems like you would make more money if it was linking to something Apple or Mac related!

Does it take a while for Google to learn what you're writing about? When you sign up for Google Ads, do you give them keywords or a description of what is on your site?

Michael Braly, 2004-01-17

No, you do not give them any keywords. I believe there are a number of things on this page that make Google believe, that this page is mostly about blogging. Look at the side bar to your right. That is part of the page.

I put up Google ads in a few other locations with a lot more content on them, especially those under "News" in the side bar. They show different ads. As does the page about Gerold's new book (look it up in the January archive).

Volker Weber, 2004-01-17

Thanks for the tip! I didn't realise the 24th was the actual date of the anniversary.

Maybe I might just see you at the same Apple store that afternoon! Sounds like a good idea to pop in to see what's up.

Joe Canadian, 2004-01-17

Well, read these posts on SiliconValley.com (http://www.siliconvalley.com/mld/siliconvalley/7731271.htm) and slashdot.org (http://apple.slashdot.org/apple/04/01/18/1832212.shtml?tid=107&tid=187=)...
Seems like there's something in the pipeline ;-)

Ragnar Schierholz, 2004-01-19

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