First 130 pictures uploaded

by Volker Weber

... make that 170. :-)

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Ahh...there are few sights more beautiful than sunset on the Florida Gulf coast :-)

Joe Litton, 2004-01-21

Just checked the maps, will be in may just 60km away (Lehigh Acres) from sanibel island. :-)

Dirk Bartkowiak, 2004-01-21

Boy, Sanibel Island looks appealing to this chap: cold-ridden, miserable, looking out on a rainy English day (yes really!) It hasn't stopped raining all week.

I need some sun... :-)

Ben Poole, 2004-01-21

i didn't realize you were going to Sanibal until i saw the pictures. i has been almost 10 years since i've been there, but i'll never forget - enjoy your stay!

Andreas, 2004-01-21

If the number of pictures one takes on vacation is proportional to the fun they are having, I'm glad you're having so much fun. :-)

Jerry Carter, 2004-01-21

Looks great! Are you using to publish those?

Ray J. Bilyk, 2004-01-21

Well done! Note to myself: "Check Sanibal Island next stay in USA"... Those photos make my "hungry" :-)

GreetZ from rainy-snowy Berlin

Schweppes, 2004-01-22

aahh.. you just became the 'Fassbinder' of the digital-photos world.. :-)

Have Fun!

Waehrend meiner 2 (Weihnachten & Silvester) Wochen in Deutschland hab’ ich ueber 500 Fotos gemacht. Don’t you love digital photography!

Schoene Gruesse aus dem kalten Beverly, MA.

Ulli Mueller, 2004-01-24

Offensichtlich genießt Ihr Euren Urlaub und es geht Euch richtig gut. Freut mich. Ich kann mir keinen besseren Start ins Jahr 2004 vorstellen.

Alexander Weihs, 2004-01-24

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