Be careful before you upgrade to Groove Preview 2.5j

by Volker Weber

Groove Network proves again that I don't understand this company. With the latest product patch it seems to limit the available bandwidth 60 days after installing the preview edition, thus rendering the client (even) slower. If you can't make the for-$$s-client better, you can revert to make the for-free-client worse, I assume?


I don't understand the decision process there either, Volker.

They were very smarmy about the decision to code for the Windows API (rather than cross-platform Java), but they look like road-kill to me once WinFS is deployed. Admittedly, they do offer security and sync APIs that don't exist in .Net (ultimately they're competing with Active Directory and Trusted Computing there, aren't they?), but Microsoft seems intent on putting them out of business.

Hmmm, the Eclipse-child application platform looks more appealing.

David Richardson, 2004-01-29

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