Looking for pictures from Lotusphere

by Volker Weber

I did not have a badge for my photographer and Lotus seems to be unable to supply any pictures from Lotusphere. Do you have any interesting pictures, say - for instance - from the exhibition hall? I will be looking for one or two 2-megapixel shots. No small groups or flash photos against a dark background.


Check http://www.mathiaspohl.de/ls2004 for a first set of pictures, i will upload more early next week.
If you need higher resolution, just let me know (up to 6 megapixel, taken by D100).

regards, Mathias

Mathias Pohl, 2004-01-30

Excellent pictures, Mathias. I follow up by e-mail.

Volker Weber, 2004-01-30

Hey Volker,

What are you looking for in particular? I've got great shots of Patrick Stewart, Richard Jeni, Ambuj, several people doing their sessions (Tom Duff, John Head, Ed Brill) The slide on the closing session showing how many people attended etc. Also a good shot of the Dolphin with the walkway filled with geeks. I have 6.3 megapixel shots from a Canon Digital Rebel. I even have some RAW CRW files if you need on some of them.

Just let me know.


Greyhawk68, 2004-01-31

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