We will rock you

by Volker Weber

Britney, Beyonce, Pink, Brian May and Roger Taylor: I want this clip.


Being a Queen fan since the seventies, I think this is blasphemy!
Even with Brian May and Roger Taylor participating. Blasphemy I say!

(but if you really want the clip, try your luck with ASF Recorder)

Andreas, 2004-01-30

I am probably only half as old as Andreas, but he is right. This _is_ blasphemy ;-)

sascha, 2004-01-30

still, it beats apple's non-apple-specific boring ad

alexei, 2004-01-30

Be fast:


Weltentummler, 2004-01-30

Got it. Cool. Thx. :-)

Volker Weber, 2004-01-30

Any time. :)

Weltentummler, 2004-01-30

p.s: just fair if I remember the Victoria´s Secret Show ... ;))

Weltentummler, 2004-01-30

*Maybe* Pink is allowed to sing this tune. But Britney and Beyonce? Lined up and shot for this one. Though I have to admit, they look damn good in those little amazonian outfits.

Enrique as the emperor, though... that's just cheesy. Thank god he didn't open his mouth.

Nathan T. Freeman, 2004-01-30

Agreed; Pink did OK, but overall it was a lot easier on the eye than the ear.

Ben Poole, 2004-01-30

Freddie Mercury must be turning in his grave...
I thought those girls only drank *diet* drinks..??

Pink is best, Britney mmmmhhh, she probably paid Pepsi to be allowed to take part.
Went to a Queen concert in 83. When Freddy threw his towel into the crowd I was glad not to have tried catching it, a fight broke out just behind me over this wet thing. Wasn't nice, pretty much like a bloody gladiator fight.

Moritz Schroeder, 2004-01-31

I've got another one for you: super model meat sports [clean fun - no pr0n]

Andreas, 2004-01-31

With all the discussions about American and Roman empire on feature pages and in politics in mind, it's not blasphemous, but insurrectional.

Harald Schmidts 1996er Bohemian-Rhapsody-Auftritt war auch nicht schlecht... (kam vorgestern als Wdh. auf Sat1, weil Engelke wohl noch übt)

Andreas Schmidt, 2004-01-31

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