24 stamps and 22 states later

by Volker Weber

My passport has 24 stamps from US immigration. Soon I will need a new one since they only last 10 years. Time to look up the states I have visited so far. 22 - not bad for a European.


You do realize, don't you, that you've been in more states than most Americans?

Esther Schindler, 2004-01-31

I did realize, that unlike most other people of my trade, I have never been to the Pacific Northwest. :-)

Volker Weber, 2004-02-01

yes.. you have visited more states than I have (I have been living here for well over 20 years now) but I have been to New Hampshire and Maine. I have also visited Frankfurt.. :-)

Hope we can get you to the Pacific Northwe(s)t reasonably soon!

Wolfgang, 2004-02-01

The wet is part of the problem. The other is, your employer does not know me, and if he knew me, would not like me. :-)

Volker Weber, 2004-02-01

Looking at your map, I can assure you, that you missed the best parts.

Christian, 2004-02-02

Agreed. I am saving those for later. There is hardly any business for me in national parks, but I have vacationed there.

Volker Weber, 2004-02-02

Volker, I extend an official invite to Minnesota. If you like snow, come now! We are digging out right now. :) BTW, I enjoy your site. Keep it up.

Tony Kelleran, 2004-02-02

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