Small cars, large cars

by Volker Weber


I have driven small cars for years. Was looking at even smaller ones. Driving the Blazer opened my eyes to the fact that having a lot of space is not bad at all. A Blazer works nice at 60 mph which is not good enough here. It needs to be comfortable with 100 to 120. There are some german and swedish cars that would do that. :-)

I only wish they would sell them here for the same price they charge in the US. I would not feel so ripped off.


According to Handelsblatt recently, you can save 29% on a Porsche Cayenne Turbo if you re-import it from the USA. Or 39% on a Mercedes ML500.

The German Porsche Dealer's Association expects 10%-15% of the Porsche vehicles exported to the USA to be re-imported back into Europe.

John, 2004-01-31

Oh, dear. But a Turbo is out of the question not only for price but also for mileage.

Volker Weber, 2004-01-31

Mileage is not a problem if you re-import the gasoline :-)

Scott, 2004-02-01

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