by Volker Weber

Frightens young children and (some) Americans.



I am stunned by each attempt of a member of the Jackson family to get into the news. This news about Janets' "exposure" totally eclipsed the launch of the Apple and Pepsi 100 million free iTunes songs ad at the Superbowl.

Pascal Frencken, 2004-02-03

The Apple/Pepsi ad was terrible anyway. As for the rest of the story, my comment is in the first line.

Volker Weber, 2004-02-03

Quite incredible, how the mere picture of a naked breast (a single one, mind you) can be more upsetting to some, than any other news item the world has had to offer recently.

Jan-Piet Mens, 2004-02-03

It gets worse...

Jan LaRue, chief counsel for the conservative Concerned Women for America group, called it a “pornographic show”.

(BBC: Inquiry into Janet Jackson flash.


Ben Poole, 2004-02-03

It was a pathetic grab for attention. It was equally pathetic that anyone would get so excited by a single (almost) bare breast. In the US, the average child can watch 35,000 televised murders before they turn 18 (or so some statistics say), but heaven forbid they see a breast. And, to be totally inconsistent, every other ad on TV focuses on breasts to sell everything from cars to cantaloupes. I freely admit, I live in a weird country.

Ben Langhinrichs, 2004-02-03

Don’t we all Ben ;-)

Ben Poole, 2004-02-03

I guess, in the near future they are going to force all American mothers to feed their newborns from bottles instead of giving them the breast (is that the right word?).
Oh I just remember a scene taking place in the breakfast lobby of a hotel in Atlanta, maybe 8 years ago, when they still had the Networld & Interop. A mother is preparing the bottle for her newborn. She puts in the milkpowder, pours in the water - closes the bottle and shakes it - opens the bottle again, puts in a handful of crushed ice, closes again and shakes again. Then she feeds her baby.... Actually I wondered that there was no sign on the bottle "caffeine free" or "low fat"....

Mike Hartmann, 2004-02-03

and one of the other songs performed during the halftime had a lyric about "looking for a place to shoot my seed". I think I need another trip to Europe soon to remind myself that there is another world out there...

Ed Brill, 2004-02-03

Come to think of it Ben, are you sure Trousersnake was making a grab for Janet’s attention?

(OK, no-one else said it, so I had to go for the obvious gag).

Ben Poole, 2004-02-03

Well, on the one hand a pathetic media grab; on the other its another display of Jackson family need for self mutilation and a display of a bizzarly adorned but otherwise not particularly interesting breast shown on the limited resolution of a television screen.

Andrew Pollack, 2004-02-03

Only in America people can talk so much about so little, come to the middle east and see some real action, Terror attacks, bus bombers, air strikes etc live 24H a day - tits include

a guy, 2004-02-03

I can't believe people are talking this down. A friend called it "the greatest moment in Superbowl history." Not because anyone wants to see Janet Jackson's breast so much, but because it totally flies in the face of American prudishness.

Nathan T. Freeman, 2004-02-03

To "a guy" posting from Israel:

I hope your country is still free enough that you can dare to use your real name. I also like it if people leave a working e-mail address.

And trust me, I can easily close the door for people who don't want to play by my rules.

Volker Weber, 2004-02-03

Nodody seems to have picked up on the fact that she was wearing a PVC bodice which positively drips with S&M/fetishist overtones. That to me is the *real* hypocrisy. I don't have anything against PVC bodices m'self, but it's not, say, the kind of thing you'd expect a nursery school/kindergarten teacher to wear, is it? (Depending on how advanced your kids are, they might beg to differ, I suppose)

If ole Janet had been wearing a floral frock and singing about Jesus and true love, then an exposed boob would have been a *real* hoot(er).

Colin Pretorius, 2004-02-04

... come to the middle east and see some real action, Terror attacks, bus bombers, air strikes etc live 24H a day...

You must be very proud. Personally I’d rather talk about breasts. And I’m not even American :-)

Ben Poole, 2004-02-04

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