Is this smoke coming out of my wallet?

by Volker Weber


Phil Askey of Digital Photo Review writes:

The D70 is Nikon's answer to the new sub-$1,000 digital SLR market, its clear competition being the Canon EOS 300D (Digital Rebel) announced last August. The D70 is revealed by Nikon exactly two years since the D100, the D70 appears to share quite a lot with its sibling including the six megapixel CCD sensor and Multi-CAM900 auto focus system. The D70 also appears to have quite a bit going for it which are the primary complaints for EOS 300D owners, flash exposure compensation being one of them.

However, at 1099 Euro for the body and 1199 for the kit with lens, this looks like a sure winner for an import, if it turns out to be sub-$1,000. 1099 Euro buy $1375.


I don't know if you are a Nikon or Canon enthusiast, but I LOVE my Canon 300D Digital Rebel. I was using the kit lens and then a 70-300 mm USM lens with Image Stabelization and got some really wonderful results. I haven't had any exposure problems that couldn't be corrected easily in Photoshop.

Anyway, if you don't have leanings either way, here is my wholehearted recommendation for the Canon. Great camera!

Greyhawk68, 2004-02-04

John, dare I say it has the wrong color? I hate pseudo-metal.

Volker Weber, 2004-02-04


I understand. That's what many people on the 300D boards say. What makes a pro camera? Well it's got to be black :-)

Surprisingly the plastic body is very durable and makes the camera much lighter and easier to wield. Looks like the Nikon also has the plastic body, but at least it's in black.

By the looks of the article, the Nikon has a lot of benefits too...

Let us know when you make the leap and how you like it. Now that I've invested in good Canon glass, I won't be making a switch any time soon.

Take Care,

Greyhawk68, 2004-02-04

No, traditionally I am in the Canon camp. But I don't have any decent glas in the AF space, so I am open. Maybe Canon listens to their customers and comes out with a black version of that body. It is cheaper anyway.

Volker Weber, 2004-02-04

I've been keeping track of the EOS 300D's big brother, EOS 10D, for quite a while. While I was hoping that the price of a 10D kit would eventually drop below 1500 Euro, Canon made their move with the 300D, thus introducing a 10D-like model just under 1000 Euros with reduced feature set and ... I totally agree ... Cheap Plastic Metallic Body (tm) look. Very unfortunate, since this probably means that the 10D won't drop in price, untill it gets promoted to the bargain basement by its' successor. I know Nikon positions the D70 as a competitor to the 300D, but I think I will check DPReview to see how it matches up to the 10D. Could be a good alternative ...

Pascal Frencken, 2004-02-05

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