by Volker Weber


You would think that IBM would build their next generation software without OLE objects, wouldn't you?


Yikes!!! Now this is getting interesting.

Bruce Elgort, 2004-02-05

To be fair, it does not throw that error on Mozilla Firebird.

Volker Weber, 2004-02-05

But it won't let me use the rich text editor when composing mail. Mail header only for now. And as you have noticed it also throws errors when creating a team workspace or a web conference. I am running out of collaboration components!

Volker Weber, 2004-02-05

Hm, I kind of remember a session about the RCT (rich client technology) and it's Notes functionality being based on ActiveX/OLE and the Notes DLLs so far. But I assume you didn't use the RCT, did you? ;-)
Maybe someone did some code reuse in the wrong place?

Ragnar Schierholz, 2004-02-05

@Volker: on Mozilla build 1.5 it works not properly, a message appears: Plattform is build for IE only......same as for webadmin.nsf in Domino 5x.

Maybe it´s the problem that mozilla runs on Darwin...


Ingo Harpel, 2004-02-05

Volker... you basically hack into a site that's for internal use only, use a browser that Lotus has yet to support for anything, and then complain that it throws errors for you?

Hey, I'm all for early analysis, but jeez, man. Take it easy.

Nathan T. Freeman, 2004-02-05

I do take it easy. Just curious. application/x-oleobject is not what I would expect from IBM.

Volker Weber, 2004-02-05

You can use the rich text editor with Mozilla Firebird, Volker. You just need to visit the page again (or just reload it). At least, it worked for me (Gecko/20031007 Firebird/0.7).

Markus Thielmann, 2004-02-05

Now then, now then, we’re surmising the site’s for internal use. The URL was posted on the Lotus weblog after all...

Anyway, it’s about bloody time companies the size of IBM started supporting the mainstream browsers for systems like this: it’s 2004!!

Ben Poole, 2004-02-05

That is one of the reasons why I don't believe in the Lotus Workplace strategy. _Usefull_ userinterfaces (like the notes client) can simply not be implemented using "pure (d)html". You need activeX (or use something like mozilla-XUL, XAML (in the future) ...).
At the end IBM will develop a notes-active-X and embed the complete notes client in the browser :-)

Schmidetzki, 2004-02-05

As addition to my comment please read this:
-> "XUL for the new Eclipse Powered Lotus Notes Client"

Schmidetzki, 2004-02-05

Hey, you can use real HTML here. :-) Like this:

As addition to my comment please read this: "XUL for the new Eclipse Powered Lotus Notes Client"

Volker Weber, 2004-02-05

Hi there,
I've got this “application/x-oleobject",I understand I need a plug-in.Where I can I get it.
Thank you for an answer.

bernard bibas, 2004-11-16

I've got the same problem...I have application/x-oleobject show up and I want to know where or what I can do to find my solution and be able to watch this multimedias...thanks for you help

mathew park, 2004-11-24

I need the same plug in.... I hopr someone can help!!!!

Himeko Aoi, 2004-11-27

I need that

Wethit Soontonyat, 2004-12-12

lauriete nunes miller, 2004-12-31 21:19

lauriete nunes miller, 2004-12-31

please, i need same plug in , and i know sameone can help me.

_Lauriete Nunes Miller, 2004-12-31

lauriete nunes miller, 2004-12-31

please, i need same plug in , and i know sameone can help me.

_Lauriete Nunes Miller, 2004-12-31

lauriete nunes miller, 2004-12-31

hi i want to get this plug in:application/x-oleobject, where can i do???? please help me
thanks a lot

cecilia mimbela, 2005-01-14

I need to fix that too, is there any plug in for that? I keep getting this annoying message each time I want to watch video thats based on web pages, didnt get that message before until shor ago, does anyoe has the answer to it?

Enrique Cantu, 2005-01-22

My brother wants me to watch Frankenstein Wasting a Minute of your time and I can't.
Does somebody know of a plug-in for Safari? MAC OSX?

"Conan O'Brien has a bit that he does every couple of weeks, which they call "Frankenstein Wastes a Minute of Our Time". You can see a clip at'Brien/video/

It's pretty hilarious, a guy dresses up like frankenstein, comes out near one of the studio doors, and motions excitedly for the camera to follow him. So the camera follows him as he runs back through the back halls of the studio, up staircases, etc., and then he'll stop and do something like turn a light switch on and off and on and off again----he'll point to it, smile and nod to the camera as if he's discovered something profound. Or he'll open up a refrigerator and take out a pad of butter and point to it, and nod and smile excitedly."

I need to see this clip.
Thx for any info,

Chuck Goodenough, 2005-01-29

Lo necesito para la radio

Lluis Sitjas, 2005-06-10

Hi I have this problem when i use Safari to get into my Cyworld's hompage... i guess its something that runs my music?? i need to know where i can get this plug-in because it is really bothering me... Thank You.. and Please Email Me Back ASAP~

Steph Sun, 2005-06-19

i need a MIME type äpplication/x-oleobject plug in.
could u?
Ray Jr

Raimundo Junior, 2005-07-01

thanks for sending me this amplication:application/x-oleobject

Marlon Melms, 2005-07-11

hi~~ i've asked for the application/x-oleobject
and you havent sent me anything yet regarding it...
can you please send it to me? thank you
btw... is it something that i Download for it to work or~~ an application i put on a page because if its an application i put on a page then i Cant use it because its when i view it... can you please let me know asap?? thank you!!!

Stephanie Song, 2005-07-12

hello, i just bought a mac and i get the message application/x-oleobject, i been tryin to fix but with no luck, could you please help me with it by sending me the program i need or telling me what to do

marcin pastern, 2005-07-20

Hi I just bought a mac and I don't know where to get the
plug in MIME "application/x-oleobject"
Please help me with this, thank you

sung park, 2005-07-26

I need the same plugin everyone else does. Could you help me out? thanks.

Keith Clements, 2005-07-27

I need the plugin for MIME "application/x-oleobject". I need it to view some stuff on Xanga. Is it a plugin I download or what. I really need it badly. Plus is there even a possibility that there is a Mac plugin for this or what. If not that really is not good for the future...

Ryan Jimenez, 2005-07-27

Hi... i see everyone askn for help here and thats exactly what i need the same thing shows up for me .. (application/x-oleobject) and can you please answer back .. i really need help.. and ive tried everything i cant find wts wrong.. please write back.. thank you .. Bye

Carolina rodriguez, 2005-07-28

It is quite incredible that no one seems to come up with a solution concerning this :MIME "application/x-oleobject" missing plug in, that so many people need to open some kind of multimedia on OS X.

Is there a solution to this disease or not,that the question !!

Could anybody answer it ?

Marc Tobaly, 2005-07-29

I find it even more incredible that the term OLE doesn't ring a bell with anyone who is looking for a solution.

Stefan Rubner, 2005-07-29

Man I have the SAME problem as everyone else has had!! Im on a mac too.... I need some help..I have looked everywhere for a fix and cant find it!!! this is the biggest lead I have found yet!!!

Travis Eacona, 2005-07-31

MIME type “application/x-oleobject”

I see that everyone posts a question regarding this, but I don't see any helpful responses. Can anyone help me with this. My classes require me to watch about 12 hours of online video, but I can't do it with my Mac. Can someone please assist me?

John Brown, 2005-08-11

I don't know why anyone isn't helping you people. The problem is that the website developers have chosen a multimedia solution that doesn't run on any computers except Windows. This OLE stuff is an acronym which means Object Linking and Embedding. It's a Windows technology which is designed to make it impossible for non-windows computers to work with it. The real problem is the website developers who go along with it.

Just say NO to OLE.

Jack Davis, 2005-08-19

I need the MIME tpye "application/x-oleobject" for my work and for my personal life. I use Internet Explorer and Safari. I have Mac OS 10.2.1. please help, it is greatly appreciated.

Matt Wayles, 2005-08-28


I am a new candidate to the "application/x-oleobject" fixing solution...
Amazing how this page arise first position in google !

I guess this is not IBM main concern ;-)

Emmanuel Paget, 2005-09-08

Count me in on the need for that plug-in.
Any solutions anywhere?


Sabine Ziem, 2005-09-08

Hey I also need that plug in the “application/x-oleobject” one. I have no idea how to get it though, could someone help me?

Sarah Action, 2005-09-11

Oh god, i need this thing too. Its annoying the shit outta me

Can someone please tell me how to fix this fricking thing?


Kurt Sims, 2005-09-12


The application/x-oleobject MIME type is the MIME type of Windows Media Player ActiveX control, adding its MIME type to Safari won't do any good. ActiveX controls only work in Internet Explorer for Windows. It won't work with the Mac OS version of Internet Explorer either. Active X is made by MS and only for Windows.

However, some earlier posts mentioned success with Mozilla Firebird, (see — Markus Thielmann, 2004-02-05)

Heather Chowdhury, 2005-09-16

It seems like you have the plug-in for solving this problem.
I'm getting the same message all around the web everytime I try to listen to some music.
I'd really appreciate it if you can send me one too.

Grace Ko, 2005-09-26

Obviously, I don't have anything to say that hasn't already been said.
But someone mentioned Mozilla/Firebird before...what are they? Can they run on a Mac? Because Safari sure doesn't seem to work...

Anna Robello, 2005-09-29


Mischa Hammarnejd, 2005-10-01

I need that plug in too!!

MIME type äpplication/x-oleobject plug in.

can you please send me one too?


sarah kim, 2005-10-07

Please I need the MIME tpye "application/x-oleobject" for my work and for my personal life. I use Internet Explorer and Safari. I have Mac OS 10.4.2 please help, It is greatly appreciated.

jacen Prete, 2005-10-10

For all the poor soules searching for the application/x-oleobject on their mac, there seems to be a solution now:
Write to your congress man in Washington. If congress gets flooded with requests, they will swing to action and ask for a DARPA research project to solve that riddle. Since DARPA invented the internet, they will be able to handle this too.
:-) stw

.... uups, forgot the irony tag ...

Stephan H. Wissel, 2005-10-10

try filp4mac worked for me cost a little money but works!

joe pete, 2005-10-18

Same problem here. Should at least be illegal for the "public" webpages to run with this codec. Grrr.. ill have to try firebird or joe petes tip.

Eirik Holth, 2005-10-21

application/x-oleobject issue. could you please send me this solution? thks a lot!

Jorge Lopez, 2005-10-21

I just bought my mac and I am so upset!!!! I can't see open any of the media files with Safari. Please fix this please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many thanks,


Amy Rhee, 2005-10-22

I too am looking for a solution to the dreadful...X-OLE etc. problem and having read all of the comments above, I'm fascinated by the progression of the content of these comments. It's as thought no one is reading any of the comments that offer solutions. Folks would rather just get's funny...hysterical actually.

Thanks for the suggestions for solving this Mac problem, I hope they work.


Greggory Gannon, 2005-10-26

The solution for the problem is by installing Mozilla Firebird, X-OLE works on it,
u can download the software from the link

and download it to ur Mac
but Safari does'nt support it, so what problem is solved.

- Vignesh

Vignesh Sugumar, 2005-11-07

LOL! I was also looking for application/x-oleobject when I stumbled upon this... SIGH. I don't understand my mac ::cries::

Bernadette Cruz, 2005-12-27

I'll download Firebird (or Firefox or whatever firey animal they're using) just to watch the videos but I'm NOT HAPPY about it. :) I'm sure the programming geniuses at Apple will come up with a solution before too long.

Dennis Tate, 2006-01-06

Firebird didn't work for me. I followed Vignesh link, but I still can't play videos from songpeople website.
Flip4mac didn't work either...

Mikaël Mayorgas, 2006-01-12

WoW กกก I can't believe. NObody have an answer?
Who is the inventor of “application/x-oleobject”...
We spend thounsands of dollars in mac and nobody fix this problem...?

Please give a hope!!!! Thanks... a lot....

Cristian Gastou, 2006-01-20

this is a joke! has anyone sucessfully solved the problem

i downloaded the firebird app but it says the connection was refused,

andy deacon, 2006-02-21

i found a way to watch videos that the safari doesn't show.
it's a bit silly but i just find the link to the video in the html code and tell windows media player to open the URL.
the way to do it is got the view menu. choos view source. press apple+f and search for object id="itemPlayer
or just the ending of the video file, in my case it was .asx.
once u find the link copy paste it into the windows media player for mac or i guess any other media player to see the film.
hope i made some people happy:)

yuval lavern, 2006-02-21

new mac owner love the machine, im having problems with media player 9 need the plugin application/x-oleobject, please help!

adam Brown, 2006-04-01

I really need that plug in if any one can help me my email address is i am trying to watch bigpond tv but it just keeps coming up and not working at all really annoying!!!!!!!!!! pls help need application/x-oleobject only 13

Aaron deVisser, 2006-04-15

Dear Volker,
I came to your web page because I want to find out how to acquire the following:


Your web page did not tell me the answer. If I have to pay for it, I will.

I use MAC G5, system OS X 4.6 (now Intel).

Please help me. Anson F. Rainey

Anson F. Rainey, 2006-05-02

Hi Yuval
Many thanks for your tip. I think it's not so silly after all. The only thing I had to change was when I pulled down the View Menu to SOURCE, I put in: http:// to find the filename that was the radio program I wanted to listen to.
It really works, folks!!!
JoAnn (a.k.a. Yona), Bern Switzerland

JoAnn Salvisberg, 2006-06-04

Hi, I need the “application/x-oleobject” plug-in because my safari browser won't let me listen to the music on webpages.

Stephanie Bragg, 2006-06-23

I need this plug in. Thanks for your help.

Mustafa arslan, 2006-06-26

Hi, I need the “application/x-oleobject” plug-in, could you help me out, thanks

Tim Tomayko, 2006-07-10

I'm after application/x-oleobject for my MAC Tiger 10.4.7 ...

Anesti Cosmas, 2006-08-06

Im looking for the same thing that everyone else has been looking for.. the application/xoleobject for my MAC ibookG4 so if any1 can send me the file or tell me what to do.. itll be alot of help. thanx alot.

doyoun kim, 2006-09-04

I'm trying to look at videos of Danish warmblood foals, and they all give me the - "oh you need MIME type “application/x-oleobject”"

Looks like you're the expert on this

Can you help me please?

Many thanks


Biddy O'Connor, 2006-10-05

Hei. What is there with you people. Can't you read. I'm from norway, but even I can read the answers. There IS NO application/x-oleobject for Mac. No one can send you that because there IS NO. It's just a WINDOW plug-in.......WINDOW, read PC....NOT MAC... Is that so hard to understand. Sorry if my english is poor...but how ever, I can read :-)

Arnstein Saursaunet, 2006-10-10

...I'm feelin so so so discriminated...

Sophie van der Peer, 2006-10-31

For any Mac users still having problems viewing video and getting the MIME message: I upgraded my Flash player ( to version 9.0 (for all of you PC users, it is called Windows Media Player even though it's for the Mac!). First open the media player, then open the web site you are trying to view using Internet Explorer or Netscape, not Safari. Your Mac probably came installed with IE as well as Safari, but you may need to upgrade it before it will work.

I hesitated to do anything with the Windows Media Player, because it has a history of interfering with future use of QuickTime, but I finally bit the bullet and it did the trick. In fact, after restarting I find I am able to use Safari to view the website I wanted to see. Although I still occasionally get the MIME message, it doesn't interfere with my ability to view video.

Hope this helps.

michele Babcock, 2006-12-11

I using a Macbook, Mac OS 10.4.7
I cannot playing music in this page:
This page notice me "MIME type application/x-oleobject"
Could you show me to sovle this problem?
Thanks so much!
Waiting your reply!

Thanh chung, 2007-02-14

OK... I figure that the problem here is not the plug-in itself but a .dll (or maybe more than 1) that needs to be loaded into Firefox. Any bright ideas which one(s)?

Colin Blakemore, 2007-03-18

Please, I need the plugg in application/x-oleobject to be able to listen radio for Internet, I cannot find it for any place in the Web!!!!!
Could you send it to me????

Thank you.

Martin Ward, 2007-04-17

wow!! i've had the same problem with that application/x-oleobject same as everyone else on my mac OS 10.4.3. i guess i'll try downloading firefox so i can watch the videos i want to. thanks to everyone for their suggestions

Holly Berkoff, 2007-06-12

apparently there is no clean solution for us poor Mac owners, but if you REALLY need a makeshift solution, but a good one nonetheless, check out Luval's post on 2007-2-21. It worked perfectly for me.


Alejandra De Hoyos, 2007-10-15

I need this plug-in as well, can you help me, I'm trying to be able to watch a live news feed because I don't have a television and my home is near the fire! Please help

Lindsay Donaldson, 2007-10-23

can someone give me this message please or what's written in it please : " Luval's post on 2007-2-21 " ?

is someone have found the right solution to use it with safari?
i really need it

Francois Descamp, 2007-11-01

Hi, guys, I had the same problem. Either it is caused by airport or by the user profile or by both.
Anyway, try this: Create a new user account on your mac. Probably it will work now. If not: Re-boot your Airport base and try again!

If this doesn't work: Create a new user account and connect your Mac directly with the modem. Don't use the airport. Now it will work

I don't know why: But airport and the user profile (or both) have definitely something to do with the problem.

Bruno Taut, 2008-03-22

Hi, guys, I had the same problem. Either it is caused by airport or by the user profile or by both.
Anyway, try this: Create a new user account on your mac. Probably it will work now. If not: Re-boot your Airport base and try again!

If this doesn't work: Create a new user account and connect your Mac directly with the modem. Don't use the airport. Now it will work

I don't know why: But airport and the user profile (or both) have definitely something to do with the problem.

Bruno Taut, 2008-03-22


hello any ideas how I can find this plug in for my Mac OSX 10.4.7

margot gordon, 2008-04-08

this is how i fixed this problem on vista pc:

install firefox
install windows media player plugin for firefox (from apple site)
copy np-mswmp.dll from firefox plugin folder to safari plugin folder.

Pieter Paul, 2008-04-08

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