No sense of humor

by Volker Weber


Somebody called Andy over at pulled a fast one on the Mac community, pretending that he turned a brand new G5 dual-processor into a Windows machine, even posting fake pictures to "prove" it. The stunt brought the most traffic ever to the Overclockers site and filled Andy's mailbox with 1,300 hate e-mails, some of them threatening.

It was all a gag, with Andy just taking an empty G5 case and filling it with PC components for the digital shots. But the Mac community outrage was so huge that coverage over their reaction has made them all look like fools.

Judging from out comments section on heise online, pc users are not much better though.

People really need to lighten up.



Actually the 'modding' was cool, but the story behind was poor and sick. Some parents saving their money to buy an expensive Mac for their son, and this bastard rips it apart to fill it with some lame PC components, worth perhaps half the money his parents spent. This was the upsetting part, at least for me.

If the story would have been different, most people would have reacted calmer.

Anyway, it showes how narrow-minded most people are, 'defending' PC or Mac. Hey guys, wake up, this is the 21th century! Free choice of sex partners, free choice of computers ;-)

sascha, 2004-02-05

Once you enter the Mac world, you have a big chance of getting caught by the same virus that infects the readers and writers of Mac related rumor sites. This euphoria regarding everything coming out of Cupertino is unique in the tech world, bus has its' downside, too. Some Mac-heads are a little bit over-enthousiastic and approach all anti-Mac news "LOTR style": with a swaying axe, a sizzling bow and a slashing sword. Even as a Mac fan, I think it's quite funny that someone once again exposed this Achilles heel in the Mac world with this G5-modding gag.

Pascal Frencken, 2004-02-05

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