Highlight differences in NetNewsWire

by Volker Weber


NetNewsWire is the most popular RSS reader in the Mac space, and to me it is the best overall. One of the more interesting feature lets you highlight slipstreamed updates in news items that had been published before.

BTW: People that I respect recommend FeedDemon for Windows. I am hardly ever in front of a Windows screen nowadays, so I can't tell you whether I would like it or not.


I used FeedDemon before I switched to a Mac and now use NNW. Although I like NNW, FeedDemon is definitely better. I'd highly recommend it.

Stefan Tilkov, 2004-02-07

For me FeedDemon has one major disadvantage compared to others. While you can add feeds to various groups, it doesn't display those groups with a folder structure like e.g. Feedreader does. You have to switch the groups with a select box. And, most important, it doesn't update feeds in other groups than the one which is currently open.
So you've got to manually walk through all groups and wait until it has refreshed the feeds there to see updates.

AFAIK this is going to be fixed in a future version but until then, it is quite unusable for me. But apart from that, it seems to be a pretty good tool.

Oliver Regelmann, 2004-02-07

You are right - I never noticed that since I don't group my feeds.

Stefan Tilkov, 2004-02-07

And even worse: for vowe.net FeedDemon doesn't show a scroll bar in its own browser window. Or is this a style sheet issue?

Stefan Kremer, 2004-02-08

@Oliver: There now is a "Update all Channel Groups" function.

@Stefan: Most likely, yes. I observed missing scroll bars with various styles. Restarting FD or switching styles makes them reappear.

Like any software, FD has its weak spots. "Manage Channel Groups..." is really poor, it doesn't even allow to select multiple items at a time; The news item list and (most of all) the channel bar leaves room for improvement, too -- all things that can (and need to) be fixed. But someone has put thoughts into the architecture: as FD transforms RSS with XSL, it gives you total flexibility in how to display the news items. Will have to play around with XSL very soon :-)

Haiko Hebig, 2004-02-08

Here's another vote for FeedDemon. I'm using it right now in fact and doing so directly viewing Volker's site. Scrollbars are all fine for me. And Oliver, how many feeds do you read? I just have one long list of about 40 feeds, and I can't imagine reading more :-) It helps to be at 1600x1200 resolution too!

Take Care,

Greyhawk68, 2004-02-11

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