Performance tuning for Domino.Doc 3.1

by Volker Weber

Anybody out there who can give me some insights on performance tuning for a Domino.Doc application on Domino 5.0.12. Dual processor DL380, 1 gig of RAM, Windows 2000 Server SP4. Queries take between 1 and 10 seconds after a reboot. 24 hours later, the same queries can take anywhere between 20 seconds and a few minutes. I am suspecting an OS problem, since recycling the Domino server does not cure the issue. You have to reboot the OS.

Any insights? Please leave an email address so I can get back to you.


I'm no expert in domino.doc but...
1. Did you watch the taskmanager while executing the queries ?
2. Are their any files on the system that increase between the reboots ?
3. What else is this system doing beside serving the domino.doc application ?
4. Is there a virus scanner running on the system or a backup software ?
5. Did you move the system on another machine where the OS is new installed ?
6. Did you take the machine out of the local network and attached it to hub/switch with only on client connected ?

questions over questions...

Tobias, 2004-02-11

Sometimes there are the fact that /tmp folders would be to full w/in logs. check the trace log entry.
a further reason can be that shared memory is not cleaned up successfully after index runs overnight.

this are the 2 points which i have expierenced with Domdoc.


Ingo Harpel, 2004-02-11

Hi Volker,

I'd try to establish whether it is indeed the OS which is loosing some stuff (handles memory ,...).
To that end I'd use W2K performance monitor which can eg be found in Start/Programs/Administrative Tools/Performance .
I'd use 'Performance Logs and Alerts/Counter Logs' and watch the relevant processes for handle usage and working set size for the period in question. Perhaps there is one that stands out.
You might also find Perfmon Counters which are specific to Domino domino.doc..

Martin Forisch, 2004-02-11

It does sound like an OS problem...

If you find that the performance degredation is not linked to the OS, then if it is just queries that are taking a long time, not general operation, then perhaps there are problems with some of the full-text indexes.

We had a situation where the ft-index of certain cabinets were corrupted and this was slowing down performance...

Neil, 2004-02-12

Don't know about domino.doc in specific, I do do know about Notes in general:

- 6.0 creates a smaller indexes, so huge performance increasements
- rebuilding indexes every 3-6 months is worthwhile. This can also half your query time
- disk defragmentation is also recommendable
- compacting databases also

If you do everything in the right order, there is a lot of gains to be get.

laurens, 2004-02-12

have you nicked that problem yet?
I recently also supected an OS problem when a customer's machine started to burn memory like crazy.
But lo and behold it's just been one of the worms endemic at that customer. (one of those that runs as service named scvhost.exe)
So depending where the machine is it might be worthwile to have a look at the memory/handele consumption of all running processes in taskmanager/processexplorer/performance monitor.
Also the physical disk io counters in perfmon might show you why the server is underperforming.
Cu, Martin

Martin Forisch, 2004-02-13

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