Great Linux migration tactics

by Volker Weber

How do you handle concerns that the open-source software would be harder to use than Windows? Every good trainer knows that trick:

We put the chairwoman of our workers' council on stage in front of all the municipal workers, and showed her using the new system. After that, we found that no man would say that he couldn't use his PC now that everyone knew a woman could do it.

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[via Konstantin Klein]


Probably for exactly the same reason, Micro$oft uses tech representatives to demonstrate new Windows features at their conferences. "Let me show you this cool new feature in Windows," - yeah, which only a tech head really understands -, " now when I click this button ..." - CRASH!!! - "... woops ... let's not do that and instead focus our efforts on improved stability and security"

Pascal Frencken, 2004-02-12

Pascal, you seem to believe that Microsoft is really stupid. If you do, you are dead wrong.

Volker Weber, 2004-02-12

If Microsoft were stupid, they would have never gotten this far. I actually think they're smart, even cunning sometimes. Not only on the marketing front, but also technologically. I just happened to remember one Windows demonstration from a Microsoft conference several years ago, where the system very unfortunately crashed in front of a large audience. I guess this event will be remembered better than any security improvement feature they will ever introduce.

Apple does the same, though, always using Steve or another Apple representative to demonstrate new things in their keynotes. Although they sometimes get more creative, like when they introduced the 12" and 17" PowerBooks last year, and used actual user stories from a musician, a photographer and a deejay to illustrate the usage of the new laptops.

Pascal Frencken, 2004-02-12

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