Reviving a Powerbook G3 - I think I give up

by Volker Weber

This is a real pity, but I don't think I am able to revive this really nice machine. It boots from CD - sometimes. It boots from HD - sometimes. I hate it when things work and then don't work, and you cannot find a pattern. The obvious problem would be a flaky harddisk. But the disk works just fine on a different computer.

After four days of tinkering with the machine I give up. Sigh.


Send it over :-)

Stefan Rubner, 2004-02-17

If you don't need it, give it to me Always wanted a Mac...;-)

I recently thought that I'd be forced to give up debugging my my XP gaming-installation which reproducably bluescreened when calling taskmgr.exe.
ctrl-alt-del, ctrl-shift-esc, even start/run/taskmgr.exe... they all resulted in a kernel exception near a label kee_scan_key...
One of those situations where a you'd normally shrug it off and re-install the dam'n thing.... only that was too proud to do just that.
I had tried everything from rolling back to a previous system restore point, re-installing fixes, even applied XP SP2 beta, searched for trojan's, virii, malware ....

NOGO, still the same issue.

Turned out that my something in in my user profile, since the symptom was cured, buy just creating a new profile..
All in all I'v been tinkering with that from last Oktober
I still have to find exactely WHAT poisoned my old profile..

Martin Forisch, 2004-02-17

Damn Stefan! You got there before me.... :(

John, 2004-02-17

John, I promise to pass it along after another four days of tinkering :-) Deal?

Stefan Rubner, 2004-02-17

You both lose. :-) Andreas is first, then Martin.

Volker Weber, 2004-02-18

Hey Stefan - it's a deal!

Volker - don't forget, I'm a Brit and we're the masters of waiting patiently in queues!

John, 2004-02-18


I have a PowerBook G3 nad i want to format and reinstall the software because it doesn´t work well. I have the CD Macintosh PowerBook G3. Idon't know how i can do that. Would somebody help me?



alejandra, 2004-02-18

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