Look Ma, no cables!

by Volker Weber


After I realized I could not get the Powerbook back up I needed some kind of success. So I set out to build something that gives me a bit of satisfaction as a nerd: Make Ute's XDA2 smart phone sync over Bluetooth. :-)

After reading various newsgroup posts about the difficulties people have getting this to work, I thought it would be hard to do. It turned out to be rather easy.

I set up a BT stack on her Notebook, disabled all services but LAN access* and serial. Then I told ActiveSync to enable COM5 which is the serial port that the BT stack assigned. It turned out to be a little bit harder on the XDA2 because the process is rather convoluted. But then: Success! The second PocketPC screen in this explanation shows an informational message that looks like an error message. But you simply procede from there to pair the XDA2 and the notebook. I had already paired the devices and it turned out that it worked after I removed this relationship and paired them again.

*) I left the LAN access profile on because that lets her connect to my local BT network as well.


hummm I feel sorry that the mda does not support wlan otherwise you would directly have your next challenge ;-))

Claude, 2004-02-17

Even worse. The XDA2 does not support the LAN access profile on Bluetooth. So while the notebook can use BT to connect to my network, the XDA2 fails.

Volker Weber, 2004-02-17

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