Feels like Sunday

by Volker Weber

Today was a really good day with some nice surprises.

The first one was that Ute worked from home since she needed to get some contracts done, which means she has to get into the zone for six hours straight without interruption. That worked very well because everybody managed to do their job without calling her mobile. Good show. She even could do another round in the afternoon, so all of the important paper work is done.

Then I went to see the repair shop that has my Vespa for the winter and it turns out that they finally got this little part from Italy that broke off from the starter last year. Nice. She shall be ready to go next week. Whoo-hoo:


Then the new licenses plates for the other Vespa also arrived. Will fix them before the old ones expire end of next week. We are almost ready for the spring again.

Finally Andreas volunteerd to give the Lombard another chance. The machine will be travelling towards Hannover tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.


Just did a test drive this morning on one of my old motorbikes. "Spring is in the air" :)

Vince Schuurman, 2004-02-18

Berlin, this morning, 7.50 MEZ: +2°C, rainy showers with snow flakes, wouldn't hardly dare to re-active my ET2 HERE - fortunately I'll be back in Darmstadt on Friday :-)

Schweppes, 2004-02-18

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