Yo! Freelance writers!

by Esther Schindler

Hey, folks. I think some of you know that I'm an editor at InformIT.com. And I'm always hungry for people who can write about Java, SQL Server, MS Office, etc.

But now I'm also site editor of a new Ziff Davis Web site for software developers, which will launch next week. And yes, I do have a freelance budget!

I'm looking for authors who know Visual Studio, .NET, and related topics (such as Web services or software engineering techniques). I want people who can contribute technical features, how-to articles (particularly about using Visual Studio and its built-in technologies), product reviews (add-on programming components, etc.), and to some degree a "what's happening in the .NET universe." Not so much on programming breaking-news, as I can scrape those stories off eweek and other ZD sites. I'll also be running an online community, and interviewing ".NET Rock Stars" every so often.

We launch next week (so I don't want you peeking at the URL yet... it's essentially empty), and I'm busy making assignments now. The money is the now-typical "not what it used to be," but it is a non-zero number (and, oddly enough, folks in Europe tend to think it's okay -- you guys paid less or something?). I try to be the kind of editor that freelancers enjoy working with. (I think that can be summarized as "get them paid as soon as possible." And "I make your text better, without inserting errors and stupid remarks.")

So... pitches will be read cheerfully and get immediate attention. Note that you really do need to know VS.NET (or one of its languages/technologies) fairly well, since my readers will be Deep Techies involved in writing code. This site is for programmers!

No rants. No "alternatives to .NET" (this site assumes you're using it, and want to use it well). No rank-beginner "heat and light come from the sun" introductions.

Humor is good. Attitude is good. Being useful to .NET programmers is paramount.

If in doubt, pitch me. Even if I say no to the specific item, I'll listen carefully to your idea, and work with you to turn it into something I can use.

Esther Schindler
site editor, ZD DevSource


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