I believe I should add Scotland to this map this year

by Volker Weber


Think about Prague! Very nice city and easy to reach by car.

Michael Heinz, 2004-02-20

If you need any help on where to go just let me know. I've been there often enough ;-)

Armin, 2004-02-20

Went to Norway last summer, highly reccommended if you like to be out enjoying fresh air and breathtaking scenery.

Pascal Frencken, 2004-02-20

Armin, you can count on it.

Volker Weber, 2004-02-20

Ireland is always nice.

Declan Lynch, 2004-02-20

Of couse it is, Declan. And it is also on my list of countries I need to see.

Volker Weber, 2004-02-20

Seems like you've never been to Liechtenstein, either... ;-)

Horst, 2004-02-20

and if you wanted to go to Liechtenstein, I know a friend of yours who is going there on March 3...at least I think so. Remember the whole discussion about the rental car? I forgot -- it's not a business rental. Eur30 difference for the automatic....hmmm...
What software or website did you use to generate this map? I like it more than world66.com.

Ed Brill, 2004-02-20

Ed, I was looking for this as well and guess what I found: it is from world66.com as well...

Armin, 2004-02-20

It must make you the only German who hasn't been to Scotland!

Trotternish is where I live, on Skye. Come for lunch!

Mark Smith, 2004-02-20

Well - even better. There's a bunch of us take a week in August for the Edinburgh Festival/Fringe/Tattoo/Jazz/Comedy. Madness. Over 1,500 shows a *day*. We usually focus on the comedy stuff.
Then after that, its a road-trip to Skye - you cant miss that scenery. (Okay, its not trotternish in my case - but Dunvegan where my folks live. Just a stones throw away).

So yes - get your skates on and book a two week trip...

Dare I remind you that in Scotand we have *proper* beer, not that thin bubbly stuff the Engerlish sell.. Oh, and Whisky. Lots of whisky.

---* Bill

Wild BIll, 2004-02-22

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