by Volker Weber


Lotus Elise 111R gets a new Toyota engine with 6-speed gearbox. 4.5 kg/PS (10 lb/HP). Must ignore this ...


Now *there's* a nice car design. A bit of Lamborghini Muira in that one, just scaled-down. You've restored my faith in car designers [after seeing that horrible Ford Cobra concept design]. Thanks for posting it!

Garret, 2004-02-20

Too bad not available in the US ;-(

phil, 2004-02-20

Phil, are you sure?

U.S. sales of the 2005 Elise are scheduled to begin in mid 2004. The "Federal" Elise will retain the benchmark performance, handling and dynamics that have proven so popular in the U.K. and Europe but at the same time complying with U.S. regulations

Volker Weber, 2004-02-21

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