Ray tracing Jell-O brand gelatin

by Volker Weber

This gave Capt. Hajo and me lots of chuckles while we were working at the TUD:

Paul S. Heckbert, Ray tracing Jell-O brand gelatin, SIGGRAPH 87
reprinted in:
Communications of the ACM
Volume 31 , Issue 2 (February 1988)
Pages: 131 - 134

I am not a member of the ACM so I cannot download it. But it was great fun. Ray tracing was all the rage, so this was a scientific study on ray tracing this particular brand of dessert. :-)

Paul Heckbert has some links on his CMU page.


You don't need to be a member, a subscription to the electronic edition of their is sufficient...
If you're interested, I can email the article as PDF, for personal, non-commercial use only, of course ;-).
It has some neat pictures in there and is not long at all. Should be fun to read, even though I didn't get to do that yet.


Ragnar Schierholz, 2004-02-22

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