There does not seem to be a big difference between a pr0n scumbag and a presidential candidate

by Volker Weber

Kai is not the first to notice that John Kerry is using the same marketing schemes as people selling drugs and p0rn: 1251 - [18/Feb/2004:07:26:54 +0100]
"HEAD / HTTP/1.1" 200 -
"StarProse Referrer Advertising System 2004"

So this is the alternative to the current regime. Sigh.


But then that's nothing new and it looks like it's done by/for all candidates: Try Heiko Hebig and Neil Turner for a few leads when they saw it in early January. It might well be that the candidates actually have nothing to do with it...

Armin, 2004-02-22

it's done by/for all candidates

Which would be even more depressing.

Volker Weber, 2004-02-22

It really boils down to marketing is marketing, regardless of product.

Andrew Pollack, 2004-02-22

Hmm - könnte entweder wirklich ein übereiliger und unvorsichtiger Guerillero aus dem Kerry-Umfeld sein. Oder aber ein Konkurrent, ein agent provocateur, um die Meinung gegen den Demokraten zu schüren...

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