Can you spot the nationality?

by Volker Weber

I had to smile when I read this document on the Netgear support site. Can you spot the nationality of the author?


Looks like Engrish to me!

Duffbert, 2004-02-25

A non-native English speaker, possibly German, but I certainly wouldn't like to swear to it.

John, 2004-02-25

I would put the good money on that person coming from Finland.

Yes, I take back my guess of German - it's a language that probably doesn't have "a" and "the" separate from the nouns. I don't know about Finish, which is quite different from the other Scandinvian languages, but Swedish combines the article with the noun, doesn't it. And of course the "Finish dialog" could be a give-away!

John, 2004-02-25

Easy one. A German that used an internet translation service

Thorsten Ebers, 2004-02-25

Fleischmann now at NetGear ? Must have missed something.

Heini, 2004-02-25

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