Workplace Smart Client Platform

by Volker Weber

Declan makes an interesting observation about Workplace 2.0 beta. Personal Productivity installs four main components for the smart client platform:

1. Workplace 2.0 Smart Client Platform

2. WAS Express server (to enable offline capabilities and emulate a local WebShere Application Server (WAS) version 5.0.1

3. Cloudscape database library (contains local library files for WAS Express)

4. Personal Productivity application consisting of features and plug-ins including mail, calendar, instant messaging (IM) and configuration files for offline capabilities, which are activated on-demand by the Workplace server

I think I understand now why nobody dares to call this a fat client.

On a slightly related note: I was not in error, when I called this the smart client. Anybody confused?


so - no bigger than WSAD, really.

Justin Knol, 2004-02-25

Where can I get this Beta? Is it available for download somewhere?

Ragnar Schierholz, 2004-02-25

ah, so you think you're so "smart", eh? "smart client" was terminology we used internally prior to Lotusphere, so I'm not surprised it made it into some documentation. You won't see it in the future, though.

Ed Brill, 2004-02-25

so you think you're so "smart", eh?

Not really. Only happy that I was not stupid. I briefly thought that I mixed something up but it turns out, I did not. Several people did say "smart client".

Volker Weber, 2004-02-25

5. User -- Satisfy additional hardware and software requirements on the client workstation, as listed below.

For Beta, Personal Productivity/Smart Client is supported on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Installation components and their disk space requirements are shown below.

· Smart Client Installer-- 46MB

· Personal Productivity application plugins -- 38MB

· Instant contacts list plugins -- 4MB

· PIM JRE -- 19MB

· Installer JRE -- 19MB

· Configuration files -- 10MB

· WAS Express installer -- 86MB

· wsbld files -- 7MB

· Cloudscape -- 2.2MB

· Miscellaneous -- 5MB

6. User -- Obtain and run the Personal Productivity/Smart Client installer as documented in this file.

marco foellmer, 2004-03-01

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