Driving the home stereo from Lucy

by Volker Weber


The Edirol UA-1X is a simple USB audio interface designed to offer component-quality audio signals to & from your computer. The UA-1X offers superior sound quality input & output from the computer through RCA jacks. The UA-1X also has an S/PDIF optical output to send digital signals to digital destinations & a headphone jack for direct monitoring of your computer audio & input signals.

While I am driving a pair of Canton speakers and a Yamaha subwoofer from Lucy I wanted a better output to go to the main stereo for a long time. The Edirol device was a no-brainer. Hook it up to the USB hub and the stereo, select the device as the output for audio and you are done. No drivers to install. It just works.

Should I ever need another pair of main outputs for Snoopy in the not so unlikely event of a party, I am going to use the Edirol and this software.

[Thanks to Ed for bringing it along]


How much is the device ?

Phil, 2004-03-03

Somewhere between 80 and 100 plus tax.

Volker Weber, 2004-03-04

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