Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols on BSD and Mac OS X

by Volker Weber

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols writes about BSD in Linux Magazine (yeah, December 2003 is a bit old). He has nothing but praise for Mac OS X:

For some reason, many Unix/Linux/BSD users seem slightly ashamed of MacOS X. Perhaps it's because Apple built a great desktop Unix by going their own way. ... The very best Linux interfaces pale besides the glory that is Aqua, the MacOS X user interface.

MacOS X, of course, is the leading Unix desktop operating system of all time. It may not look like a Unix variant to you, but underneath its glossy exterior lays an operating system based on the 4.4BSD-Lite2 Open Source distribution and the Open Software Foundation Mach 3.

His conclusion:

When it comes to security, the open source BSDs, especially OpenBSD, are the best in the business. When it comes to the desktop, MacOS X is the créme de le créme. For other purposes, though, Linux remains the open source operating system that most people still choose first.

I would have loved to see the comments to that article.


Oddly enough, I expected to get a fair amount of mail from that column, but I got almost none. For some reason Linux Magazine readers don't tend to write to writers.

I've no idea why that's the case.


Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, 2004-03-08

Maybe they need online comments? You were quick to spot this posting. Did Esther tell you? :-)

Volker Weber, 2004-03-08

Moi? [Esther bats her eyes]

Esther Schindler, 2004-03-09

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