Lotus Notes prank

by Volker Weber

Try this NOTES.INI parameter on an unsuspecting co-worker:


Admins know how to push this down to every single Notes client in their realm. Developers know how to set this via email. :-)

Hint: Alt-F4 will close the client.

[via madicon]


This ini option is not that worthless.
If you'll run notes in a kiosk mode (simply add '/kiosk' at command line) you have to hide the mousepointer for a real kiosk mode.


Tobias Müller, 2004-03-09

There's a fun prank here for adding Shutdown to someone's Windows Startup menu :)

Jeff Chausse, 2004-03-11

Favourite is to press 'printscreen', then run MS paint, and Paste. Save as image. set image as background.

Move menu, toolbar and desktop icons offscreen. Watch them click on the background for hours..

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2008-10-14

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