by Volker Weber


Rob "Apple is dead" Enderle (a.k.a. Dvorak NextGen), who likes Ferrari notebooks ("When I walk into a room with this baby, even the Apple users join the throngs of admirers."), talks out the wrong end again: SCO Should Win.

If you ever wonder where some fellow journalists acquire their cluelessness, look no further.


I am sorry but there is nothing to laugh about - my new Acer Moron'ello 1.2_0.a Litre Injection makes head turns on the Riviera. I mean the faces of the bikini girls when they see me glidding along with the CD tray fully open! The serial port at the back of the car is a bit of a downer tho'.


What next ? SCO Furry dices for the side of his screen ?
Let me email this guy and see if he buys some.

Chris, 2004-03-09

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