Lots of WLANs at CeBIT

by Volker Weber


CeBIT has plenty of WLANs. You can buy online time from T-Mobile for an arm and a leg. WeRoam has a free trial (1 hour = 10 Euros) for registered journalists (see them at the press center workroom). Or you just hop on one of the open WLANs available. When you do that, arm your firewall. :-)


What happened to MacStumbler? What made you switch to iStumbler?

Ken Porter, 2004-03-17

After having had a look at all three of them - iStumbler, MacStumbler and Kismac - and knowing Volker a tiny little bit, my best guess is: it's the tool with the smallest footprint and with the best no-nonsense user interface. Also the fact that MacStumbler isn't in active development any more might have helped to make the switch.

Stefan Rubner, 2004-03-17

Both wrong. I use MacStumbler and iStumbler.

MacStumbler has a major advantage while driving a car: It plays a sound (and also reads out the SSID) when it finds a network. It can play different sounds for networks with and without encryption. That is very handy when you are looking for a quick way to check your email while travelling. Just load MacStumbler and drive through a residential area. When you hear the familiar sound for a network without encryption, stop and back up to park your car. :-)

iStumbler is nicer if you are not moving and can look at the screen. You just scan the area and then join the network right from the iStumbler interface.

Volker Weber, 2004-03-17

Oh well, At least I wasn't completely wrong about the no-nonsense interface :-)

Stefan Rubner, 2004-03-18

My PowerMac is not very portable; perhaps I should take a look at iStumbler.......

Ken Porter, 2004-03-18

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