Pingu #3

by Volker Weber

The Yeti does it again. Lucky first throw: 415.11 :-)


1166.09 :)

Certainly not in a single throw?

Volker Weber, 2004-03-18

4 pinguins needed ;)

Why does someone put up a flash in a JPG URL???

Ragnar Schierholz, 2004-03-18

Same reason they encode the whole thing in JavaScript maybe? So that we don't download the .swf file again?

Ole Saalmann, 2004-03-18

Best throw: 472,36, after hard training, 1580,82 on this round ;-)

Markus Thielmann, 2004-03-19

All the penguin fans might want to go and watch Deep Blue. I saw a trailer yesterday and they have the most amazing jumping penguins in it.
The animals accelarate underwater and jump about two meters high onto the ice.

Now I know where the Yeti got his inspiration :-)

Ole Saalmann, 2004-03-22

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