The REXX conference is down the street

by Esther Schindler

Well, at this distance from Arizona, Sindelfingen seems like down the street from Frankfurt.

The 2004 International Rexx Symposium will celebrate the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Rexx Language in the beautiful Swabian region of Germany on 2 May - 6 May, 2004. In recognition of this significant milestone, the fifteenth annual Rexx Symposium has been extended to four days for the first time.

Bill and I wrote a book on REXX, which was later updated and is still available (and still selling, too). So I tend to pay attention to the language, even now.
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I had Rexx on the Amiga. But all my Amigas are covered with dust in the cellar.

Thorsten Ebers, 2004-03-25

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