Paris by night

by Volker Weber


You have to see this incredible panoramic view of Paris by night.


That is SO cool! I've only been to Paris once, and it was a couple of years ago, but seeing this panorama brings back the feeling. What a beautiful city. I can't wait to go back!

Joe Litton, 2004-03-26

Really cool!
And I'm here in Munich...:(

Konstantin Pfliegl, 2004-03-26

We will never forget!

American war dead, both wars, buried in France : 60,485

Total American MIA, both wars, listed in same cemeteries: 9230.

69,715 Americans who died in a foreign country, far from loved ones, defending the idea of freedom, for a people and a nation who apparently do not value our sacrifice, nor the larger idea of freedom we thought we shared.

ervin, 2004-03-26

Ron, I cannot believe that you can spread nonsense like this, or that, and at the same time provide very valuable information like this. It is really hard to understand and I can only assume that you are consuming too much propaganda and not enough first hand information. When was the last time you have been in Europe?

Volker Weber, 2004-03-26

That is an absolutely amazing picture. I'd love to know how it was composed. Did anyone else get the sense it was more that 360 degrees in the round? Seemed like twice that.

And ervin... don't blame a people for the poor choices of a few politicians. I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate being held accountable for the decisions of every one of our presidents... I know I'm growing weary of it.

Jerry Carter, 2004-03-26

Jerry, look carefully at both ends of the picture and you will see that there is a very small overlap. The window you see at the right end is also visible at the left end. As is the church in the background.

Volker Weber, 2004-03-26


I don't think it is nonsense. Certainly not an appropriate response to your picture of the Paris night yet, I think as a whole, Americans are unappreciated in Europe. Specifically supporters of GW Bush

I don't have a problem providing you with any helpful info if I can and believe we can disagree.

I don't dislike Europe but have never been across the pond.

ervin, 2004-03-26

Ron, of course you don't think it is nonsense, so we will have to disagree.

I have lived and worked in the US and I visit the country at least twice a year. I have quite a few friends there and certainly a three digit number of good acquaintances. But I would never consider myself an expert in US affairs, let alone make any broad judgements as you seem to make them about some European countries.

If you had been here, you would have a much better understanding that Americans, as a whole, are actually quite appreciated. You would be surprised to know that people do speak your language, they could show you on a map where some of the larger cities are, maybe point out a dozen states, know some of your presidents and so forth.

You would also be very surprised about he diversity here. I a single day's drive you can hear different languages, see different cultures and very different societies.

So while I said that Americans are generally quite appreciated, there is a certain type of American that is unappreciated. Whether that type is also typically a supporter GW Bush is up to your judgement.

As far as the "not an appropriate response" is concerned, I would like you to stay away from these kind of comments here. After all this is my house. If we cannot agree on that, I might feel inclined to stop further postings from

Volker Weber, 2004-03-27

The comment section for a beautiful photo of Paris is no place for political propaganda of any type.

Mike, 2004-03-27

You said this is a "must-see" and it surely is! It's open on my desktop to provide inspiration. Lots of my fellow Americans travel to Paris for personal enhancement and now I understand why!

Thank you for posting this thrilling panorama, Volker, we all spent a half-hour gushing over it together.

Pima Cotton, 2004-03-27

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