Thanks, but no thanks

by Volker Weber

Duffbert comments on his spam messages:

"Kitten18 Sent You A Message" - she's cute, but I don't remember her...

"V1 agr a w1th n0 prescr1pt1on" - do people think I am going to trust my pharmaceuticals to someone who can't spell and who's keyboard apparently doesn't know the difference between a 1 and an L?

"Increase the size of your Johnson" - I still haven't found this Johnson dude so that I can forward his mail.

"Cheating wives" - unless it's mine, do I really care?

"Be... a Hero.. In The Bedroom" - that must be some anti-snoring device...

"Go... all Night.. In Bed" - I think I outgrew that by four or five.

"How I Lost 68 Pounds (super photo tips)" - is this about losing weight or taking pictures that make you look like you have?

"Get Bigger Breasts Now" - sorry... I'm trying to reduce the ones I already have.

"you are the man!" - glad that's finally been recognized.

"upgrade your manhood" - must be some self-esteem course.

"Money In Your Pocket?" - no, I'm just happy to see you...


What can I say? I was in a "less than serious" mood last night. :-)

Duffbert, 2004-03-31

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