Microsoft is about money

by Volker Weber

Robert X. Cringely:

Microsoft is about money, not innovation. They aren't opposed to innovation and like to be seen as innovators, but what really matters to them as a company is the money. Think of it that way and a lot of what they do starts to make sense. When I give speeches (and why haven't I been asked to speak lately in Oz?) I like to pull out a $US20 note and point out that there is something about that note that bothers Bill Gates - that it is in my pocket. Microsoft really does want all the money and I'm not sure they won't get it.


And Apple is led by a sociopath :-)

Marc, 2004-05-01

Name one great/large organization/country run by one person that doesn't have some sort of exaggerated traint? It is what drives them to do what they do.

Darryn Sullivan, 2004-05-01

Cringely is just like Rob Enderle. Prominent but rather clueless. Money (profit) is the driver for every company not just MS. Innovation is a means to reach this goal but it is not a value by itself. It helps companies to reach new customers and to fight competition. If you have a monopoly you may afford to slow down the pace of innovation.

Wolfgang Sommergut, 2004-05-01

Cringely is not like Enderle. Enderle is an odd-lotter. You can safely count on that the exact opposite of what he predicts will happen. Cringely may be stating the obvious, but he is not as bad as Enderle. He has often been wrong, but that happens if you go out on a limb.

Volker Weber, 2004-05-01

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