Free Lotus Notes RSS Reader

by Volker Weber

Staying current and being well informed is becoming more and more essential in today's business environment. The PAVONE NewsReader is an application that assists you in this endeavor. The PAVONE NewsReader collects messages from RSS-based channels. These channels are offered by a multitude of sources. Using PAVONE NewsReader the messages can be collected manually or automatically in the background. Afterwards they can be transferred to other Lotus Notes / Domino databases by E-mail or by the integrated PAVONE KnowledgeGateway. PAVONE NewsReader allows you to enjoy time savings with a solution that is fully integrated into your Lotus Notes environment.

The PAVONE NewsReader can be installed locally on a Lotus Notes client (5.0.2 or higher) or shared on a Lotus Domino server (5.0.2 or higher). The PAVONE NewsReader is available as Freeware for personal use in the Lotus Notes Client.

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Sounds interesting, but considering the spelling in this welcome message When you receipt our e-mail with our account, you can log in our trial - site and download some demos versions I am a little sceptical...

Jan-Piet Mens, 2004-05-06

Es gibt eine deutsche Version.

Volker Weber, 2004-05-06

The version I have does not like, at least it does not get the feed. It also has problems with html content in some way.
My version is a few weeks old so this could have changed in the meantime.

Henning, 2004-05-06

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