Emails may take up to an hour?

by Volker Weber


You'll receive an email shortly with further instructions to download Palm Desktop software 4.2.1 for Mac. Emails are sent out automatically but may take up to 1 hour.

As much as I like some of palmOne's products, but here words fail me. How about just supplying a link?


Not only that - but then they fail to actually send the link....

What do you mean, shouldn't I have used the address?

Jens-Christian Fischer, 2004-05-06

If you quickly check, it is still there. :-)

Volker Weber, 2004-05-06

Lately I tried to register at with a mailinator address and never received anything there. My real address got the code within seconds.

May have been a coincidence. Maybe...

But I really love "Dear Idiot" :-)

Oliver Regelmann, 2004-05-06

As an aside, some sites block services like mailinator. However, as fast as these sites block certain domains, others are adding aliases. Google for mailinator aliases, and you'll be set :o)

Ben Poole, 2004-05-06

try this ne:

toby, 2004-05-07

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