Graffiti on the Treo 600

by Volker Weber

The Treo 600 has a keyboard. Nice. But there are times when it is easier for me to enter data with the stylus. So I was missing Graffiti badly. Using a file manager I found out that there is Graffiti in the ROM:


Graffiti Anywhere to the rescue. I used this tool on the Palm Tungsten T so I did not need to open the slider to enter data. With the Treo it lets me use Graffiti without an input area at all:


Last step: Replacing Graffiti 2 with the original version. Finally home. :-)


It seems to work quite well except for a few letters. Namely, I, K and T. Is there a reliable way to write these letters using GA and a Treo 600?

Mark Singer, 2004-12-04

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