Secure collaboration across platforms

by Volker Weber

If you think that Groove is bloated, slow and should run on more than one operating system, you may want to try this:

Use the Shinkuro software to share files across enterprise boundaries - securely. Just install the software on each machine, create a group and designate a folder you would like to share with the group. Any files you put in that folder will be shared with the other members automatically.

Shinkuro also includes secure instant messaging and secure screen sharing, to give you a complete collaboration environment. Shinkuro's lightweight technology works easily with all of your applications.

Shinkuro runs on Windows 2000 and XP, Mac OS X "Panther", and Linux.

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[via Jeroen Bekkers]


"Shinkuro uses a relay server to pass files and messages from one person to another. When the recipient is offline, the files are stored on the server until the person reconnects."

That doesn't seem comparable to Groove - right?
Too bad, something like Groove, just simpler and for more platforms, would be very cool.

Stefan Tilkov, 2004-05-09

I don't know enough about the product to speculate about similarities. But I do know that Groove needs relay servers as well. I can't think of a different way to facilitate asynchronous communication. The informations has to be stored in transit somewhere.

Volker Weber, 2004-05-09

Shinkuro uses relays (which you can set up yourself) to pass messages over firewalls using store and forward to handle offline users. Groove requires something similar for hopping over firewalls, although they de-emphasize the store and forward aspects. In addition, if you are on the same LAN, Shinkuro can direct connect to other computers on the LAN (again similar to Groove). This works great using wireless ad-hoc mode if you happen to be in an area where there's no net connectivity but you need to work with a group of people.

-- jeff (from Shinkuro)

Jeffrey Kay, 2004-05-10

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