Thank you so much

by Volker Weber

More than 60 people wishing me a happy birthday here, lots of phone calls, a nice gathering in the evening. What a day. Thank you all for your attention.

A few remarks concerning my age: I have no problem with the fact that I am 46. Some years ago I would have considered it old. 13 years ago I could not even imagine making it so far. In a few years I might consider it young. Today it just feels right. It feels like "today". Mentally I may be younger than many others, physically I am not. I think faster than I run, but sometimes I speak faster than I think. Working on that ...

Also thank you all for your kind remarks about "staying as I am". I intend to do so, while working on the weak points that I am aware of. I have picked up a nice saying a few months ago: "Wer die Wahrheit spricht, braucht ein schnelles Pferd". (If you speak honestly, you need a fast horse). So, I intend to keep that fast horse. Or a few hundred of them. :-)


"I think faster than I run"

That is, believe me, not a matter of age. I'm 25 now and I was thinking faster than I run as long as I can imagine. Unfortunatly, that doesn't mean I am thinking very fast. I'm just unathletic ;-)

Markus Thielmann, 2004-05-11

Du hast es wirklich verdient,

dass man dir zum Geburtstag gratuliert - besonders ich! Aber es gibt halt nicht nur Viren im web :-) Eine dicke Umarmung dem besten vowe, den es gibt!

Dein Karim

Karim Schäfer, 2004-05-11

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