Having trouble installing Palm Desktop on your Mac?

by Volker Weber

If you have difficulties installing Palm Desktop on your Mac check out this technote:

The palmOne Permission Fixer application resolves a known issue with the Palm Desktop installer and Macintosh OS X when iSync 1.2 has been installed.

It saved me from a nasty Access Denied error message.


I'm not really sure and for I already installed Palm Desktop 4.2.1 I can't test it anymore, but: when installing the German version, one of the first messages was "Fixing permissions on system folders". So maybe they already incorporated the fix into the localized versions. Again, I'm not sure but on the other hand I didn't have any troubles so far. Keeping my fingers crossed and if I'm running into problems there's always the nice feeling that I know where to look for a solution ;-)

Stefan Rubner, 2004-05-11

Right. I had 4.2.1 with the Tungsten T3. But I reverted to the 4.1x because that is what you get to download from PalmOne if you select the Treo as your device. I have not yet figured out, why PalmOne recommends 4.1 for the Treo and 4.2 for the Tungsten.

Volker Weber, 2004-05-11

Get me a Treo and I'll happily test along to find out where the differences are. I'd even report back here ;-)

Stefan Rubner, 2004-05-11

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