Fedora Core 2 en route

by Volker Weber


BitTorrent is currently downloading Fedora Core 2. Should be here early in the morning. That is a 2+ GByte download. Sometimes it is really good to have an unmetered flatrate.


Yes, I guess BitTorrent should only be used with a flatrate, since I never know how much data will be uploaded as well (which won´t be so much on asychronous DSL, but still a lot if you have to pay for it).

I also happen to stumble over your weblog, Volker. Why are you linked from a website called Saltyt ? It´s (or was) a great quality supermodel site that´s unfortunately not updated anymore.

Adalbert, 2004-05-19

Why? I assume because Patrick was a regular reader of my site. But we never asked why we crosslinked each other.

Volker Weber, 2004-05-20

Yeah, I understand, as I also link to your site. That´s quite normal.

I just wondered what happened to Saltyt, since it was quite good, but it vanished without anymore explanation than those short one available on the site. (And from reading that it could be that it would re-appear).

Also I thought for a while that the site originates from France, but since later it used Twoday.net (and also links to le sofablogger, which is in German) this probably means it´s right from around the corner. (Ich sitze ja in Wien. :-))

Anyway, it´s not important. BTW, do you come to BT2?

Adalbert, 2004-05-20

Do you need all four CDs? Most of the useful stuff (like gnome, xorg, evolution) is on the first two CDs. Anything else can be downloaded using apt-get!

Just my $0.02

Timothy Arnold, 2004-05-20

You are right. I only needed the first 2 CDs. The Torrent however had one bundle with all CDs and it worked its way while I was sleeping. :-)

Installation was a breeze. But then it failed to run cardmgr and without that it would not recognize my WLAN card, hence no network access. I have zero tolerance for these kind of failures so I reverted to SuSE 9.1 in a snap.

Volker Weber, 2004-05-20

I take it your running this on a laptop? I have had a nightmare of a time trying to install Linux (so many different distros tried) on a Sony vaio laptop but none of them would work. Fedora Core 2 got the furthest but ended up bombing out after it trashed my master boot record!

I personally can't stand using Windows but if the hardware doesn't support Linux (or if Linux doesn't support the hardware!) then I have no choice to use Windows. I would love to continue to use my powerbook but it is starting to get old and I am not allowed to replace it. I don't know why they wont let me, its a superb machine with an excellent operating system that does everything I need... but they let me use Linux? It sucks at any rate.

How have you got on with Suse if you use it on a laptop? If I have no choice but to use Linux then I would like to use a distro that is tried and tested!


PS: Happy belated birthday btw.

Timothy Arnold, 2004-05-20

SuSE is "the mother of all distros" meaning that it contains way too many things. If you are not careful you end up with too much stuff on your disk. But I have not had any trouble with the 9.1 release at all.

What I do not like is the preference for KDE and the MyFirstLinux look that it comes with. So I do my own package selection and replace KDE with Gnome. I also use Firefox and Thunderbird instead of Epiphany and Evolution.

I have read many times that VAIOs don't play well with Linux although I do not have any personal experience.

Also, I have no problem using Windows (2000). It works well for me and hardly ever fails. I just happen to prefer Macs and try to keep current on what is going on in the Linux world. And of course I agree that a Powerbook is very much preferable to any other notebook if you need to get real work done. :-)

Volker Weber, 2004-05-20

I take it that you are using the CDs to install Suse? I am currently attempting to install via FTP but with no success...

Timothy Arnold, 2004-05-20

I just write this comment on a newly installed suse 9.1 on an old Vaio. It works very well.

Beate, 2004-05-20

Timothy, yes, I am installing from CDs.

Volker Weber, 2004-05-20

I have updated my ThinkPad A31p yesterday from FC1 to FC2. Installation was without Problems. My WLAN is still working. Althoug it breaks my wine with LN 651 installation :-( but i don´t think this will be a big thing.

Detlev Buschkamp, 2004-05-20

Beate, I am surprised to hear that you managed to install Suse on a vaio - typical, the only distribution I didn't try and it works. I had a Vaio R600HFPD and couldn't get Fedora, Redhat 9, FreeBSD, Deb or Gentoo to run on it. Maybe I was doing something wrong?

I now have a Toshiba Portege 4000 and works just fine!

Timothy Arnold, 2004-05-20

i want to asq some quest, i have interest with fedora core 2, but during instalation i have trouble with IRda and bluetoth at my toshiba portege 4000, please help me ? what must i do ??? thanks before. Jos Bramasto. Indonesia.

jos bramasto, 2005-06-16

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