Separated at birth?

by Volker Weber

separated1.jpg separated2.jpg

Lesson #1: Cameraphones take terrible pictures.
Lesson #2: Don't let anybody with a new cameraphone take your picture.
Lesson #3: Collect one beer from the photographer for your mugshot being published on the internet.


Lesson #4: Don't let friends play with your new gizmo - specially if they have their own new toy ready to copy your taken pictures - you'll never know where those pictures will be published next time :-)

Schweppes, 2004-05-23

Lesson #5: Don't believe everything you find on the net, the second photo is a photoshopped fake ;-)

alexei, 2004-05-23

Lesson #6: Be very selfconfident if your friends are toying around with their new "game boys "

Hans Werner , 2004-05-24

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