Treo 600 Updater 1.12 available

by Volker Weber

PalmOne has released Treo 600 Updater for unbranded phones. It brings the ROM to version 3.05 and the software to 1.12. This update is required if you want to use the voice recorder. Congratulations to PalmOne for allowing me to download the file directly without any stupid marketing tricks!


Hi, I have just bought a non-branded treo 600 (which is an english / US model) and now just tried to upgrade it via the way vowe was proceeding aswell (with the "rest-of-the-world" upgrade). After starting the setup and selecting "Deutsch" as my preferred language, the installation crashes after the 2nd hotsync (1st to save the date, 2nd to start the installation). Has anyone experienced a similar phenomena (it is not being described on the palmone hp) and has any answer? Any comment is more than welcome, you can aswell reach me directly via:

Best Regards

Matthias Lorz, 2004-06-06

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